Building and Bats

Building and Bats


We are now well into one month of our building works on our project at The Painted Barn, Barnham Broom, Norfolk. From dusty and disused barns to a cafe with a homes and interiors shop in the main barn and a studio for hire in our old Dairy building. 


So far our builders have dug floors up, put drains in, knocked walls down and put new walls up. Generally at this point in the build it all looks rather messy and you have absolutely no idea how it will ever look like the picture you have in your head. The scaffolders turned up at the beginning of last week to build the platforms for the main barns roof, this on its own has taken over a week, there are now three floors in the Painted Barn!  

The roofers will be starting in the next couple of days and we can’t wait for this part to be done. This is the biggest job by far on The Painted Barn. Our 17th century beauty will not be getting a big transformation like our dairy studio. From the exterior The Painted Barn will be getting a lovely new warm roof so we keep all that ancient woodwork, new windows and doors. It is basically a very large ornate wooden shed. From building regulations if we want to put heat in we have to be insulated up to domestic regulations, so we are doing this from the inside with 150mm of insulated materials on the walls and floor.


Now you might think we are bad planners as the winter weather steps in but we have Bats. If you didn’t know, they are a protected species and it is illegal to harm them or their habitats.

 Bats have made quite an impact on our project as it has meant summer building is out and we have had to wait for their hibernation time. As part of our license from Natural England we constructed a spacious Bat loft in the old hay loft of The Painted Barn in March this year and they have happily been using it this summer as a maternity roost. A success for our Bats and our Ecologists over at Norfolk Wildlife Services.

P.s  We do have a very special site inspector about.

Rupert can’t wait to check out what has been going on in his barns at the end of every day!